Social Media Monthly Package



Right now, Social Media is the biggest act in marketing!

If you are running a business and not taking advantage of all the ways social media can help, then you're missing out on incredible visibility and growth!

You don't need to use social media, or even understand it, to reap its benefits.  We are Here for You! 

You just need to make sure someone is dealing with it... and that's where We Have The Look MKTG comes in!  

We work with businesses behind-the-scenes to manage their social media and other online accounts. We're more cost effective than in-house employees and you'll have the piece-of-mind that everything is done correctly!

1) Connect. It will give you a direct connection to your current clients, customers and fans.  97% of consumers will use products and services they are familiar with.  Social media is a great way to show your customers that you hear them and they are important to you.


2) Advertise. Social media is the most inexpensive form of marketing, reaching more people at a lower cost than any other advertising method. Unlike other forms of advertising, social media also gives you the opportunity to advertise to very specific target markets.


3) Rank. A well-planned social media campaign will not only increase the rank of your website in search engines, but it can also double, triple, or even quadruple your search engine exposure.


4) Exposure. Social media will expand your presence on the Internet. It’ll give you exposure so more people will know who you are, and it will make your business



First we'll make sure you have all the important pages/sites set up and working optimally so that we meet, and even exceed, your goals. Next we’ll begin working to increase your exposure and followers. We’ll start reaching out to people that match your target market and demographics. We’ll connect with your audience by posting interesting and relevant content and increase engagement (likes, comments, etc.).  In turn, we’ll reply, like, and comment back, turning your customers, clients, and followers into raving fans! What are raving fans? Raving fans are those diehard followers that share your posts and spread the word about your company that they love so much. These efforts will lead to increased website traffic, better leads,and more sales!

What else? Well that's up to you! For many clients we respond to reviews, comments, and messages, create events, claim and update pages, sign up for webmaster tools, track stats on a monthly basis, fix map locations, create promotional memes and videos... the list is virtually limitless!

Every social media account is always worked by real humans. Automated tools are inaccurate and they don't deal with details. We know this because we've tested them.

They don't work well so we don't use them. Just as it should be.

 1) We’re so confident you'll see the success of our work that we don’t require any long-term contracts.


2)  Our expertise allows us to be more successful and more cost effective than in-house employees.


3)  We love working directly with our clients!  If a client likes posting to Facebook, we watch their back and strengthen their efforts. Clients work on what they love and We Have The Look MKTG worries about the rest.


Visibility Plan

All below social media marketing plans include set-up, monitoring, and posting to 3 appropriate social media accounts (Facebook, Google My Business, etc.) and /or other directory or advertising websites. Work can include responding to comments and reviews, as well as researching, and posting to, social media influencer accounts, news websites, and more. All plans will receive a manually prepared monthly review, statistics, tracking reports, and more


 Approximately 5 posts per week Shared into 3 Groups

Approximately 2 hours of dedicated specialist time

 Great For:

Single Owner 
Part-Time Businesses / 
Small to Medium Size Business

 Designed to maintain active profiles, gain exposure, and increase followers and engagement

Webmaster Tool Includes content creation and access to stock photography & video marketing